Calendrier de réservation

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- from flask import Flask, render_template, request, redirect, url_for, jsonify import datetime app = Flask(__name__) # Variables pour le calendrier schedule = {} times = ["17h00-17h30", "17h30-18h00", "18h00-18h30", "18h30-19h00", "19h00-19h30", "19h30-20h00", "20h00-20h30", "20h30-21h00"] days = ["Lundi", "Mardi", "Mercredi", "Jeudi", "Vendredi"] # Fonction pour formater les dates def format_date(date): return date.strftime("%Y-%m-%d") # Enregistrer format_date comme un filtre app.jinja_env.filters['format_date'] = format_date # Function to initialize week data def initialize_week_data(start_date): week_key = format_date(start_date) if week_key not in schedule: schedule[week_key] = {} for day in days: for time in times: schedule[week_key][f"{day}-{time}"] = { "withBasket": [{"status": "Libre"} for _ in range(2)], "withoutBasket": [{"status": "Libre"} for _ in range(3)] } @app.route('/', methods=['GET', 'POST']) def index(): # Determine the current week start if 'current_week_start' in request.form: current_week_start = datetime.datetime.strptime(request.form['current_week_start'], "%Y-%m-%d").date() else: current_week_start = - datetime.timedelta( # Update the week based on the form input if request.method == 'POST': change_week = request.form.get('changeWeek') if change_week == 'prev': current_week_start -= datetime.timedelta(days=7) elif change_week == 'next': current_week_start += datetime.timedelta(days=7) initialize_week_data(current_week_start) week_dates = [(days[i], (current_week_start + datetime.timedelta(days=i)).strftime("%d/%m")) for i in range(5)] week_key = format_date(current_week_start) return render_template( 'calendrier_reservation_entrainement.html', times=times, week_dates=week_dates, schedule=schedule[week_key], current_week_start=current_week_start ) @app.route('/reserve', methods=['POST']) def reserve(): week_key = request.form['weekKey'] day = request.form['day'] time = request.form['time'] type_reservation = request.form['type'] last_name = request.form['lastName'] first_name = request.form['firstName'] category = request.form['category'] slot_key = f"{day}-{time}" slot_list = schedule[week_key][slot_key][type_reservation] for slot in slot_list: if slot['status'] == "Libre": slot['status'] = f"{last_name} {first_name}" slot['category'] = category break return redirect(url_for('index')) @app.route('/get_slot_info', methods=['POST']) def get_slot_info(): week_key = request.json['weekKey'] slot_key = request.json['slotKey'] return jsonify(schedule[week_key][slot_key]) @app.route('/all_data') def all_data(): return render_template('all_data.html', schedule=schedule, days=days, times=times) if __name__ == '__main__':